Dirty Old Coins
Ancient Roman Coins

The Roman Empire was the keystone of modern Western civilization. Language, religion, the arts and sciences, law and many other fields have been deeply influenced by their civilization which flourished over two thousand years ago. Money, the foundation of any modern economy, was a concept invented by the Greeks and revolutionized by the Roman people. Modern coins the world over still incorporate design features made standard by Roman emperors. Dirty Old Coins is a leading educational company that brings this rich historical legacy to life through hands-on learning. Our surprisingly affordable uncleaned Roman coins are real antiquities that have been recovered still with the sediment accumulated over centuries under ground. Learn how to clean and restore them using the same methods museums would then learn how to identify which ruler among hundreds is featured.

Our Roman Emperor in A Box kit provides everything necessary in order to launch a lifelong interest in Roman history and archaeology making it a perfect homeschool project or a gift for the budding history scholar.

Our line of classroom posters featuring ancient coins are beautiful and valuable teaching resources. Finally, our website is a vast repository of freely accessible research in Roman Imperial numismatics. Make Dirty Old Coins your starting point wherever your journey in this fascinating hobby takes you!